Wine4Life is a wine education and service company run by Philip and Sherry, two wine educators who truly believe wine is for life.

We offer:

  1. Wine education (informal or classroom style)

  2. Wine tastings for both private and business events

  3. Themed wine events

  4. Wine consultation or planning for your next event

  5. Customized tours of California wine country

Wine, an inherently social beverage, continues to delight sippers.  Learning more about wine is a fun and useful pursuit.  Integrating wine into your next event can enhance the experience.  

Looking for a unique gift for someone?  

    -- a venue for increasing your own wine savvy?    

            -- a way to celebrate that special occasion?  

                    -- an idea to enhance a small group get-together? 

                            -- a business ice breaker session?   

                                    -- a catalyst for a charitable event?


  We’re here to help!

Welcome to Wine4Life